Dyad coming this month, price detailed, includes Platinum trophy

Dyad—a unique vision by Shawn McGrath—is finally coming to the North American PlayStation Network later this month for $14.99.

In one of the more fun-to-read press releases in recent memory, Dyad creator, Shawn McGrath, declares that the mind-bending experience is now complete, and that gamers can look forward to July 17 to finally have the chance to get some quality time with his game.

Oh, and did we mention that Dyad will have a Platinum trophy? Oh that’s right, we did; I already forgot what I wrote in my headline. Anyway, unlike most other PlayStation Network titles, Dyad will reward persistent players with a Platinum trophy should they choose to complete an “additional 26 tactical freakout Trophy levels.”

So remember: Dyad is coming on July 17 (in North America) for $14.99. Look for our review soon.

Source: PS Blog