Dying Light dev has two ‘AAA games’ in the works, could Dying Light 2 be on the cards?

Techland has revealed that the studio is beavering away on two new AAA titles, sparking hope that the developer is working on a sequel to its critically acclaimed parkour-infused zombie romp, Dying Light.

Speaking with with GamePressure (via NeoGAF) at the Digital Dragons 2016 conference in Poland, Techland boss Pawel Marchewka confirmed that one of the new games will be a new IP and take on a fantasy-RPG flavour. 

In addition to the above, the mysterious project will also include a single-player campaign and co-op multiplayer elements. 

The other game remains under wraps, but given the fact Dying Light achieved both critical and commercial success, selling over five million copies worldwide to date, it’s not hard to imagine Techland would be keen to pump out a follow-up. Even so, a few months it was suggested a sequel may be too ambitious for current-generation hardware.

Techland has confirmed that the company’s Wroclaw-based studio is working on one of the games, while the other is being handled by its Warszawa team. Techland Vancouver is also providing tech support on both titles. 

According to the report on GamePressure, Techland hopes to have both games out within the next two years.

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