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Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Announced For PS5, PS4 Release In Early 2021

dynasty warriors 9 empires ps5 ps4

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires will have a PS5 and PS4 release in early 2021, publisher Koei Tecmo has announced. Continuing on the deeper tactical gameplay that the Empires spin-off is known for, there’s no news yet as to whether or not PS4 owners will be able to upgrade to the PS5 version of Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires at no extra cost.

You can catch the full press release, first teaser trailer and additional details on Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires below:

Combining the 1 vs. 1,000 action of Dynasty Warriors with the addition of strategic elements, including unit command, Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires sets players on a quest to conquer ancient China by both sword and strategy. Powerful Siege Battles enable commanders to deploy units to capture strategic points on the map like castles.

Experiencing high-stakes fights at every turn, players can now take control of these central points on the battlefield through the use of fire attacks or other stratagem, siege weapons, and, at times, simply by force as commanders execute their strategies and attack enemy troops by issuing vital commands to units throughout the skirmish.

Siege Battles where various Ways of Life, and wisdom and valor intersect. A “Three Kingdoms experience” depicted with high-quality visuals.

  • Siege Battles, in which you capture points by various means.
  • Diplomacy, the ebb and flow of which is determined by Way of Life and interactions with officers.
  • Edit Function, now further evolved.

Siege Battles

Fight for the castle in an evolved Siege Battles where the area surrounding the castle is the battlefield.

Capture the castle gates by various means including destruction, annihilation, and infiltration, and fight with the ultimate goal of controlling the castle.


Players can experience various Ways of Life, including sovereign, shogun, private, non-government, and more. Interacting with various officers and building relationships will lead to stronger nation building.

Edit Function

Mix and match your favorite parts to create an original officer edit all your own. Through various events that unfold with Dynasty Warriors officers, your personal “Three Kingdoms experience” will play out even more dramatically.

Source: [Koei Tecmo]