Dynasty Warriors 9 to ‘revamp game system,’ says dev

Dynasty Warriors 9 is likely to see a complete revamp of the core gameplay system, series producer, Akihiro Suzuki, told in an interview earlier this week.

Quizzed what the development team will inject into the venerable hack-’n-slash franchise to keep things fresh going forward, Suzuki-san, via his translator, commented:

So obviously we reached DW8 now at this stage, and, ah, Suzuki-san himself personally feels that it’s reached that stage where it’s a good time to sort of look back, and see, you know, what the different options are in the future there. 

So, for the future you know, DW9 in that instance, he’s considering to sort of look into the system itself, to get a sort of refresh feeling, and pretty much revamp the game system as well."

Suzuki-san went on to add that Tecmo Koei is hoping to "announce something quite soon."

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires is the latest chapter in the series and is due out on PS4 and Xbox One this month.

Stay tuned to for the full interview with Suzuki-san in the coming days.