Dynasty Warriors 9 update from Tecmo Koei confirms news released in May


Tecmo Koei has announced that it will reveal new information on Dynasty Warriors 9, the latest installment in the long-running hack-’n-slash franchise, at some point next month.

Speaking on Twitter, Dynasty Warriors series producer, Akihiro Suzuki, confirmed that we won’t have to wait too much longer to find out more news on the hotly anticipated sequel, which was formally announced in December 2016 with confirmation that it will include an open-world map.

It’s producer Suzuki. I am sorry to have kept you waiting so long,” said Suzuki-san. “Further information on Dynasty Warriors 9 will be released starting in May!

Dynasty Warriors 9 will feature a number of new features for the venerable action-based franchise, including an open-world setting featuring a traversable map of China. New movesets will also be implemented, and the full 83 character roster of Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires will be making a return for this latest outing.

PSU spoke with Suzuki-san back in February 2015 where he hinted that the next major game in the series would ‘revamp the game system,’ which indeed seems to be the case from what we’ve seen so far. Developer Omega Force has yet to announce a Dynasty Warriors 9 release date or available platforms, though it is expected to hit PS4 and Xbox One. 

Source: Gematsu