E3 2009 Feature

E3 2009 Predictions

E3 2009 is coming quickly, but not soon enough for us impatient gamers. Everybody wants the big E3 scoops now, and as a result rumors are running rampant. Of course, we couldn’t resist ourselves from fanning the flames.

We here at PSU have compiled a diverse list of PlayStation predictions based on rumor, speculation, and a bit of inside information. With our predictions ranging from obvious to unheard of, not all will materialize come E3. Regardless, our combined intellect and magical future-prediction skills have led us to some very probable conclusions. Without further ado, here’s what we expect at E3 2009.


Mike Harradence, U.K. Contributing Editor

1. Kojima Productions will officially unveil a new entry in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. The main protagonist will likely turn out to be Raiden, though the game may not be called MGS5.

2. Capcom will announce a brand new Onimusha title for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

3. The new Team ICO project will finally rear its head, albeit in video-only form.

4. As previously rumored (and, as of today, confirmed by Qore), Sony will officially announce the PSP Go. The PS3 Slim, however, will not appear at the show.

5. God of War III will be featured extensively, and will appear in playable form.

6. Sony will unveil a wave of new PSP titles, including games from a number of key third party developers.

Eric Blattberg, U.S. Contributing Editor

1. Sony will price the PSP Go at $199.99 USD, and will drop the price of the PSP-3000 down to $149.99. Meanwhile, the PS3 Slim will not make an appearance at Sony’s press conference.

2. Activision and Infinity Ward will unveil Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer, which will support (at the very least) 24-player games.

3. God of War III will receive an early 2010 release, so as not to coincide with Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, and other holiday games.

4. Capcom will announce that Lost Planet 2 is coming to the PS3.

5. Insomniac Games will reveal cooperative play for Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, as well as a holiday 2009 release date.

6. Sony will announce that cross-game voice chat will arrive on the PS3 in the system’s next major firmware upgrade.

Justin Pinter, U.S. Contributor

1. Sony will reveal God of War III in a big way, showing off new footage and giving the game a release date.

2. Team ICO will officially reveal TRICO and give new details on the game. A trailer of the title will probably be shown as well.

3. Polyphony Digital will finally show Gran Turismo 5.

4. Crytek will announce its first title for PS3 and Xbox 360, which will use the recently announced CryEngine3.

5. Rockstar and Sony will finally reveal their mysterious PS3 exclusive.

6. Square Enix will reveal ‘Rapture,’ a new multiplatform MMO which will land on the PS3.


With only a few days left until the E3 officially kicks off, it won’t be long until we discover which of these are fact, and which are fiction. Stay tuned to PSU for all of your E3 2009 PlayStation coverage.