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E3 2011: Activision boss denied Battlefield 3 hands-on

CVG’s reporting that Activision big cheese Bobby Kotick fancied himself a butcher’s at competing military shooter Battlefield 3 at E3 this week, only to be told that some hands-on time with the game ‘would not be possible.’

According to the report, CVG’s E3 informant witnessed Kotick’s PA discussing the possibility of the Activision CEO spending some quality time with the hotly-anticipated shooter with reps at EA’s non-public presentation

The female assistant apparently went to the front of the queue yesterday morning to put in a good word for her boss, only to be greeted by an EA rep some time later and told that management had given Kotick’s request some thought, but concluded “it would not be possible.”

CVG notes that Kotick’s PA didn’t look particularly pleased as she walked away. Ouch.

Battlefield 3 is being shown off behind closed doors at the Los Angeles-based bonanza this week, albeit in non-console form only.  Activision, meanwhile, is busy flexing its muscles in the form of FPS sequel Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

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