E3 2012 News

E3 2012: Madden 13 strengthened by new Infinity Engine, completely unique hits

Cam Weber, GM of American Football EA, delivered a presentation on the new Infinity Engine that’s featured in the newest installment of the Madden series.

The goal with this new engine is to create completely authentic gameplay. Essentially, no two plays will ever look exactly the same. The same goes for player interactions, especially when dealing with tackles. In normal situations where players expect a tackle to be the end of a play solely by seeing specific animations, players can now fight through tackles and try to either gain more yards or break tackles entirely; no more pre-determined animations.

Weber also mentioned that the career mode will have set goals for players, and, much like a role-playing game, players earn experience and use that experience to better abilities and stats. Included in this customization is the ability to be any person desired. Weber even went on to say that players could be Madden himself. He didn’t go too deeply into that statement, but who doesn’t want to be the most obvious man on television?

Madden junkies will find it interested to know that coupled with many game modes is a simulated Twitter feed, which will be somewhat like the included, but somewhat limited, commentation that came with NFL Head Coach back in the day. 

We’ll keep you posted on more Madden 13 news as it arises. Madden 13 is set to release on August 28 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.