E3 2012 News

E3 2012: Quantic Dream officially reveals Beyond, stars Ellen Page

Quantic Dream officially unveiled Beyond, exclusively for the PlayStation 3. From the team that brought Heavy Rain comes a story that bridges life and death. During Sony’s media event, we had a chance to check out the stunning emotions behind this game. Quantic Dream’s David Cage also announced that the game will star Ellen Page as the girl that crosses life and death.

“Death is the biggest mystery of mankind,” Cage said. For the first time in videogame history you’ll get to control the life of a character, Cage said. “We want to create unique moments that players will remember for a long time.”

Details are a bit thin, but this looks like another emotionally driven, story-based game similar to what we saw with Heavy Rain. “If you make the right decision, maybe you will discover what life beyond,” Cage said.

Look to hear more from our team on the floor during E3.