Electronic Entertainment Expo [E3] 2013 Feature

E3 2013 Awards: Best RPG


Of all the RPGs on display this year at E3, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt really grabbed our attention. Developed by CD Projekt RED, The Witcher III plonks players in an open world bigger than any modern RPG, and is said to be 20 per cent bigger than Skyrim’s fantasy-filled landscape. Not only that, but the third entry in the celebrated series will apparently pack 100 hours of gameplay under the hood, and offer a game world that is considerably larger than previous instalments.

Story-wise the game concludes the tale of Geralt, and takes advantage of a brand new game engine, dubbed REDengine 3. This proprietary tech has been crafted specifically with nonlinear RPGs in mind, allowing the developers to craft the sprawling, complex game world that makes up the backdrop to The Witcher III’s multi-thread story. As per usual, players can expect the usual dose of gory, hack-‘n-slash action, heaps of exploration and a boatload of side quests to digest.