Electronic Entertainment Expo [E3] 2014 Feature

E3 2014 Awards: Best Rhythm Game

Hatsune Miku is arguably the world’s most popular virtual pop star. The worldwide fame of the Digital Diva serves as a prime example of how a community can make something larger than life. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of composers, songwriters, artists, and even fans, Miku has risen to her current fame. Sega then took many of the songs, costumes, and art designed for Miku and her other Vocaloid companions to create the Hatsune Miku Project DIVA series – an interactive love letter to fans and rhythm game enthusiasts alike.


While being the sixth series entry, Project DIVA F 2nd is the second outing abroad for Miku and friends and continues the series’ foot-tapping fun on the PlayStation 3 and Vita again. All the previous moves are back with two new additions, the Double Scratch and Trace Scratch, to keep players on their toes. A mix of old favorite songs from the first games and new fresh hits fill the dozens of tracks that will take hours for players seeking to master them. With the franchise’s robust Edit mode and plenty of unlockables, this is one divine rhythm game with plenty to do and enjoy.