Electronic Entertainment Expo [E3] 2014 News

E3 2014: The Division is targeting 30fps as graphical fidelity is ‘more important to us,’ says dev

The Division is targeting 30fps in order to preserve the ambitious online shooter’s visual fidelity, developer Ubisoft Massive has said.

Speaking during an interview with GameSpot, the company’s David Polfeldt noted that the post-apocalyptic title’s use of highly-destructive environments and other such features, meant that 30fps was necessary.

"I think we’re shooting for 30fps because it’s a trade-off, right? Graphical fidelity and immersion are more important to us than the frame-rate," revealed Polfeldt. "If we go for [60fps], we’ll have to make a trade-off on fidelity and other things, but because we want to have very, very complex destruction and extremely detailed environments; a complete weather system, full day/night cycle … at some point you have to make up your mind: where do you invest? And for us, it’s going to be 30fps."

The Division is scheduled for release in 2015 for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. The game takes place in the United States, which has been ravaged following the outbreak of a mysterious plague.