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E3 2016 rumor: Prey 2 announcement

Rumors are gathering pace that Bethesda may be poised to announce Prey 2, a sequel to its 2006 first-person shooter, at E3 this year.

E3 2016 the platform for Prey 2?

The Prey 2 website is seemingly being prepped for activity after a redirect was placed on the official homepage, sending fans to a Facebook URL that is currently restricted to viewers.

That has led some corners of the web to predict that the page will become active once Prey 2 is announced. With the sudden domain change happening within a couple of weeks before the start of E3 2016, it’s no wonder folk are gearing up for a major announcement.

Watch the original 2011 Prey 2 trailer


Bethesda press conference: June 12

Prey 2 was first announced in 2011, but was subsequently cancelled after Bethesda Vice President Peter Hines decided it didn’t meet quality standards. If the game is to be re-revealed this year, we’re very likely to hear more during Bethesda’s E3 2016 press conference on June 12, 2016.

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