EA CFO clarifies stance on microtransactions: ‘Not all’ future EA games will have them

In the wake of comments made regarding the ubiquity of microtransactions in future EA titles, CFO Blake Jorgensen has rolled back to clarify that, in fact, not every upcoming EA game will offer them.

Speaking at the Wedbush Technology Conference in New York City earlier today, Jorgensen stated that while microtransactions will likely become ubiquitous for free-to-play mobile games, larger console titles will likely focus more on content services like Battlefield Premium. "All of our mobile games will have micro-transactions in them, because almost all of them are going to a world where they are play for free," he said. "The real core of the microtransaction business is within the mobile part of our business which is the free-to-play business."

What exactly Jorgensen means by "the real core" of EA’s microtransaction business remains to be seen, as Dead Space 3–the company’s latest blockbuster console title–features them rather extensively.