EA: Dead Space remains an important IP

Rumors of the death of one of EA’s most popular IPs have been greatly exaggerated. A representative from EA wrote in an email to PSU that the Dead Space 4 rumors floating around are "patently false." This comes after an anonymous source apparently told VideoGamer that EA has pulled the plug on the unannounced Dead Space 4 following poor sales of the third installment.

"While we have not released sales data for Dead Space 3, we are proud of the game and it continues to be an important IP to EA," a spokesperson for EA wrote to PSU. Rumors float around the internet every day, and it’s not uncommon for said rumors to be incorrect. The EA spokesperson called the news of the cancelled Dead Space 4 due to poor sales of the third game simply a "baseless rumor."

Earlier today we reported that Dino Ignacio, U.I. Lead of Visceral Games, denied the death of the series. In addition, Creative Director Ian Milham said the Dead Space series remains in existence.

It is clear Dead Space is an important IP for EA and while the third wasn’t our favorite in the series (check our review here), we would certainly like to see it head back to its horrifying roots, especially for a PlayStation 4 release. Do you think these rumors are dumb? Interested in seeing the series come to next-gen? Let us know in the comments section.