E3 2009 News

EA feels it has yet to max out PS3

Electronic Arts’ Patrick Soderlund has claimed that while the company feels it has ‘maxed out’ the Xbox 360, there’s still plenty of untapped potential to be found in Sony’s PlayStation 3.

Speaking with the Official Xbox magazine at E3 last week, Soderlund commented: “Sony has a lot of good games this year. If you go to their booth, there’s a very consistent, high quality product line-up and that will help them.”

Soderlund feels that EA coders will eventually become more acquainted with PS3 hardware, noting that the firm already appears to be getting more out of Sony’s black behemoth.

“I do think that we’ll see developers inside the organisation getting to understand the PS3 better and I think that we’re getting more power out of PS3 right now… I think that we’ve maxed out the 360 but we haven’t maxed out the PS3,” he said.

Despite this, he tipped his hat to Microsoft’s recent efforts, adding, "I think Microsoft is on a roll right now. They’re doing really well. If I was Sony, I would have a headache, to be honest."