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EA gives players a more inclusive eSports system; launches Madden 17 trailer

EA are going to give online players of their popular titles such as FIFA and Madden more inclusivity when it comes to participating in eSports tournaments.

There will now be three tiers to setting up online tournaments for EA’s online titles in a bid to give everyone a chance to play like the pros do.

The Challenger tier is for the casual, amatuer player, letting you set up small scale events and goes all the way up to Premier which is large scale events for the very best players.

These include the upcoming Madden Championship series which has a whopping $1 million in prize money. That will be full year event, with 4 different big events.

Check out the new Madden 17 trailer.



eSports is big business, and EA are already pretty deep with it so this makes perfect sense.