EA likely to revisit Dead Space franchise

Today, IGN released an interview with EA Labels president Frank Gibeau that sheds some light on the present state and possible future of the Dead Space franchise. Gibeau had this to say:

“Yeah, that’s an intellectual property that we’ve proven that there’s an audience for. It grew from each version to the next. It launched at the very tail end of the gen 3 cycle, and if you look at games across the whole industry, whether it was Tomb Raider or BioShock Infinite or Dead Space, there were a lot of critically acclaimed games at the time. But the overall market was fairly fatigued at that point in terms of sales.”

“While we’re very pleased with the quality and the direction it’s going, we have no announcements right now for further Dead Space, but it’s an IP we love and the Visceral guys have done a great job with it. There’s no reason to believe we wouldn’t visit it again.”

Developer Visceral Games is responsible for breathing life into the Dead Space franchise and is currently at work on a “Star Wars game.” No additional information was given however as to the details of the game or what the studio has planned for the future.

The original Dead Space was released October 2008 and has since seen two main follow-up entries in the series. The most recent, Dead Space 3, was released earlier this year in February and was greeted with mixed opinions. To see what PSU thought of Dead Space 3, check out our review.