EA shooting for ‘broader audience’ with Dead Space 3

The Dead Space 3 rumor wagon’s picked up the pace again this week, with Frank Gibeau, president of Electronic Arts’ Games label, giving the clearest indication yet that a third entry in the celebrated space horror is on the cards.

Speaking with the chaps at IGN, Gibeau said that the publishing powerhouse has got its sights set on attracting a ‘broader audience’ with Dead Space 3, and doffed his cap to Capcom and its success with the Resident Evil series.

"The Resident Evil series was awesome, the early versions were phenomenal. [Capcom] did a good job of growing the franchise to a very large market," he commented. "I think we still have some areas to grow with Dead Space in terms of trying to reach a broader audience without losing the quality and that survival-horror mechanic.

"That’s how we’re going to think about it as we think about Dead Space 3 and what we do next with the IP.”

Gibeau went on to say that he’s keen to see EA expand further into the 3rd-person action/horror genre, and let slip that developer Visceral Games is busy chiselling away at fresh IPs, as well as expanding on established brands.

"Overall, we want to try and grow the business in the action category," he explained. "EA doesn’t really have a very strong stake there; survival-horror kind of lives in that genre. 3rd-person action is something that we think we can build and our Visceral Games team is really working hard at crafting some new IPs as well as building out ones that have succeeded."

"Horror movies are great films; it’s a genre that’s been around for decades. We think the same holds true for interactive," he added.