EA Sports UFC Preview – taking the fight to a new level

With the Fight Night development team behind it, EA Sports UFC is in very safe hands. Fight Night Round 3 won multiple awards during its release year and the franchise made real strides in the genre with impressive real-world physics which gave battles an authentic look and feel that had never been seen before, while a revolutionary control scheme made each fighter intuitive to command.

That’s the goal once again with EA Sports UFC with the emphasis on “Action, Emotion and Intensity,” and the creation of exciting, hard-fought battles between some of the best known names from the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The roster of fighters includes current contenders and champions such as UK-based Michael Bisping, Georges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks, but also introduces female fighters for the first time to a UFC game. Alongside the cast of current legends, players will also have the chance to fight with and against bonus characters such as influential MMA fighter Royce Gracie and kung fu legend, Bruce Lee.

Every licensed martial artist in the game has been modelled accurately on their real-life counterpart, right down to their behaviour and fight plan in the octagon. Utilising the EA SPORTS IGNITE engine, facial animation looks incredibly detailed with fighters showing sweat, emotion and pain during bouts, while full body deformation ensures that every blow will make a visual impact.

The realism extends further to the way that fighters exert themselves, with skin discolouration, muscle flexing, pulsating veins and signs of fatigue kicking in throughout each battle, as well as a new Precision Movement locomotion system which ensures that strikes and takedowns not only look but feel realistic. The EA Sports UFC Fighter Design trailer below showcases how the developer achieved the look of fighters, as well as some of their hard-hitting manoeuvres.


Players will be able to perfect over 100 striking techniques in EA Sports UFC, including the ability to pull of roundhouse kicks, superman punches and much more, while the environment can also be used to their advantage — in the trailer above you’ll see the fighter launching himself off the cage for a well-timed aerial attack.

Among the game modes available will be the main ‘Career’ where players will earn contracts in the famous gym where they can learn skills and get tips, before setting out on their path to become the UFC champion. Consisting of five-round bouts, players will try to impress to receive sponsorships, earn new gear and the chance to fight against some fighting legends.

Aside from single-player mode, players can take the battle online with the chance to fight for leaderboard bragging rights in the Online Championship, or battle head-to-head with friends. An online hub called FighterNet will allow players to share highlights, track statistics and get access to some of the latest UFC content.

With the official release date of June 17 just around the corner, EA is giving fight fans the chance to test out the game via a demo on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which is expected to be available this week and will allow them to play as one of two characters, Jon Jones or Alexander Gustafsson. Are you man enough?