EGM reveals new Street Fighter IV details

While it might be a quite long way off, anticipating surrounding Street Fighter IV has already reached fever pitch among fans both new and old as attention remains fixed on Capcom’s latest brawler.

Yet despite this, very little has been said about the game, leaving many enthusiasts in the dark in terms of core details such as what characters are returning, the setting, and any new mechanics. However, all of those questions have now answered by Yoshinori Ono, SF4 producer in an article featured in US publication, Electronic Gaming Monthly.

"I hope that we can include some sort of visible reactions from the characters based on how much damage they receive when they are hit", Ono says, “We’d like to add details such as if a character gets hit in the shoulder multiple times, perhaps his shoulder hangs a little lower, or perhaps his animations are affected".

He later went on to say that he wanted the mechanics simple enough to where players of the original games would be able to jump right in and remember all of the key moves and combos, and that the combat this time around is more aggressive than defensive.

In regards to why SF4 will be in 2D instead of 3D, Ono said that Capcom wanted "to preserve the strategic nature of SF2 and SF3, where matches unfold almost like a chess game."

The game will run at a steady 60FPS and will take place between the timeframe of SF2 and SF3 Turbo, that way Capcom can have a nice quantity of original characters and locations for nostalgic purposes. Also he elaborated that online play is a must alongside with downloadable content to keep things fresh.

"We’re aiming for an art style that looks like moving paintings rather than a hyper-realistic look", he told EGM, “But I’m not terribly worried about users being disappointed that the final game doesn’t look like the teaser trailer… We do feel that if we made a fighting game entirely in the style of the teaser, it might be too impractical and too hard to play."

Currently there is no set release date for Street Fighter IV, but Ono believes that it might not be out until 2009/2010. While that might be a ways off, PSU will continuously cover SF all the way through to its release, so stay tuned for more information.

Source: CVG