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Elden Ring 2 Hasn’t Been Ruled Out By FromSoftware, But There’s No ‘Current Plans’ For Sequel Or 2nd Expansion

Elden Ring 2 has not been ruled out by FromSoftware, with studio head Hidetaka Miyazaki also not closing the door on a possible second expansion to the first game.

Speaking with IGN in regards to the future of Elden Ring, the Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls director wasn’t able to go into much detail, but said FromSoftware isn’t ready to close the book on the franchise despite nothing being set in stone.

We don’t want to say this is the end of the Elden Ring saga for now,. I think we said a similar thing at the end of Dark Souls 3. We didn’t want to flatten those possibilities or put a pin in them just at that time. And it’s a similar story with Elden Ring. We don’t want to discourage the possibilities for that. There might be more ideas in the future.

We don’t have any current plans to make a second DLC or a sequel, but we definitely don’t want to snuff out that possibility. We think that there could well be something in the future.

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FromSotware yesterday revealed the first Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree gameplay trailer, and confirmed that the DLC would be released on June 21, 2024.

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