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Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree Guide – How To Find Stone Coffin Fissure And Beat The Putrescent Knight

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree Guide – How To Find And Beat The Putrescent KnightThere’s a total of 10 bosses that’ll grant you Rememberance’s in Elden Ring’s new DLC expansion, Shadow Of The Erdtree.

More than a few of these bosses are some of the most difficult across the entire expansion and base game, and as it is with all FromSoftware games, they’re also the highlights players remember most fondly.

This guide will take you through the steps on how to find one of the best boss fights in all the DLC, The Putrescent Knight, and how to defeat it when you get there.

Spoilers to follow, though you should know that if you’re already here.

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Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree Guide – How To Find Stone Coffin Fissure And Beat The Putrescent Knight

Time To Head South – Stone Coffin Fissure & Finding The Putrescent Knight

To even begin to head towards the Putrescent Knight, you’ll need to find your way to the Cerulean Coast, which is home to some of the best views in the entire DLC due to its colourful blue and red fields.

You can check out our guide on how to get there here.

Once you’ve reached the Cerulean Coast Cross site of grace which you’ll hit soon after finding the map fragment for the Southern Shore, head back northwest slightly until you can turn further south towards the most southern shore of the map.

Keep heading south beyond a field of those tall spectral worms until you reach a big gaping hole with a path leading further and further down until you reach The Fissure site of grace.

Once there head into the tunnel just ahead of you to reveal the full breath of the Stone Coffin Fissure and its opening site of grace.

Now that you’re at the Stone Coffin Fissure, all you need to do is navigate your way to the boss room.

Including the Stone Coffin Fissure site of grace, there are four sites of grace you need to hit before the last one which pretty much has you directly in front of the boss room.

It’s a pretty straight-forward journey since there’s really only the one path to follow. You won’t find any winding and interweaving paths here – because everything is precariously high above even greater depths, so long as the thing your standing on is solid and leads to something else, you’re on the right path.

Just remember that right at the beginning when you’ve cleared out the Bloodfiend’s and gone down the only path from the Stone Coffin Fissure site of grace that you do indeed need to jump down, and you will be totally fine.

For the rest of the path just be aware of those worms of stone you find in the base game around Evergaols. Here, they have an absolute sniper of a beam attack that repeats often and will take you down quickly if you’re not careful.

Once you’ve reached the Fissure Depths site of grace, you’re right in front of the boss. Walk up the stairs from the site of grace all the way to the edge where a horned statue’s head looks out over the vast depths.

Jump down to head into the boss fight against the Putrescent Knight.

How To Beat The Putrescent Knight

So you’ve made it all this way and taken a leap of faith into the Putrescent Knight’s boss room. Those who watched trailers ahead of the DLC’s release with a keen eye will recognize this boss room from the marketing and trailers, though we didn’t know for sure that’s what it would be at the time.

The Putrescent Knight then appears, and we’re thrown into what Bloodborne fans might immediately guess is an Orphan of Kos “round 2: Elden Ring Style” fight. It’s kind of like that – but nowhere near as difficult.

If you want to survive against the Putrescent Knight, like any other boss you’ll need to learn his attack patterns and learn your windows to strike, sure, but you’ll also need to remember one thing: jump.

You can jump! Don’t forget to jump, because jumping is very important for avoiding many of the Putrescent Knight’s ghost flame attacks which can wipe out half your health bar easily.

Similar to the principles for avoiding attacks from the Furnace Golem’s, jumping is crucial to your survival.

It’s also worth staying very close to the Putrescent Knight for as much of the fight as you can, because many of his long-winded swings will miss you completely when you’re right up in his face.

A common attack you’ll see from the Knight involves him getting off his horse and charging at you himself, while his horse charges for you on a bit of a delayed timing. It’s very possible to dodge both and stay in position after the combo finishes to get an attack in/drink from a flask.

It’s one of the best chances you have to respond in the fight, whether that’s just healing yourself to keep going or actually getting a strong attack in.

When it comes to weaknesses, the Putrescent Knight is weak to Holy damage, so if you have a Faith build you should be more than prepared to take out large chunks of his health that way.

The Putrescent Knight hits very hard when his attacks land, but he’s also slow enough that if you wait for combos to finish you can be sure to consistently get hits in to take him down.

If you focus on defense first, stick to Holy damage and get your licks in where you can and most importantly, remember to jump – then you should claim victory over the Putrescent Knight in no time.