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Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree Guide – Where To Find Remembrance Duplication Statues In The DLC

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree Guide – Where To Find Rembrance Duplication Statues In The Realm Of ShadowAs veterans of Elden Ring will know, when you defeat certain major bosses, you’re rewarded with a “Remembrance” for that boss.

These rewards always include an extra tidbit of lore regarding the boss it represents, and on a more practical level you’re able to turn them in for powerful weapons or spells.

The catch however is that each Remembrance has at least two rewards to choose from, with one reward usually being a powerful weapon and the other a powerful spell.

So to get both items, you’ll need to fight the boss all over again in NG+…or you can duplicate the Remembrance to get the reward you missed out on. You can duplicate Rembrance’s at the various Wandering Mausoleum’s across The Lands Between, but you can only use each of them one time.

Thankfully, for players entering the Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC and getting all these new Rembrance’s from the DLC’s biggest boss fights, there are more statues across the Realm of Shadow you can use to duplicate these new Remembrances.

This guide will tell you where each of those Remembrance’s are and how to get them.

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Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree Guide – Where To Find Remembrance Duplication Statues In The DLC

1. Behind the Cathedral of Manus Metyr

This is probably the most obvious one, because it’s easily accessed just behind the Cathedral of Manus Metyr. You can check out our guide on how to get to the Cathedral, here.

2. Finger Ruins Of Rhia

This statue is easy to miss, but thankfully also easy to get to. If you’ve been following Count Ymir’s questline, then you’ll be able to reach it no problem – it’s just to the right of the path that takes you down into the Finger Ruins of Rhia. Instead of heading down to the ruins, stick to the right and you’ll find it on a cliff overlooking the ruins.

3. Finger Ruins Of Dheo

Like the other two statues, this can be found just by following Count Ymir’s questline, and similar to the one located at the Finger Ruins of Rhia, you can find this statue just before heading into the Finger Ruins of Dheo proper. Instead of being on the right-hand side, stick to the left from the Fingerstone Hill site of grace and you’ll find it sitting behind a group of Finger Creeper enemies.

Just like in the base game, there’s not enough of them that you can duplicate every Remembrance you’ll acquire. But considering that there are no Wandering Mausoleums in the Realm of Shadow, it’s good that there are these few lying about at least.

(Author’s Note: I have a pet theory about why this is. Credit to YouTuber Zullie the Witch for pointing out that the Furnace Golem’s are always loaded practically no matter where you are in the DLC. Perhaps it would’ve been too much to have those mountains of wood and fire and the mausoleums at the same time? Who knows. But this could be one explanation!)