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ELEX 2 Is Actually Happening And It Is Coming To PS5 And PS4


In E3 news I never expected to write, THQ Nordic has announced ELEX 2, a sequel to 2017’s ELEX, which will release on PS5 and PS4.

From the team behind the original, in ELEX 2 you return to the post-apocalyptic sci-fi world of Magalan exploring environments with your jetpack, moving through the story in any way you wish. With multiple factions and diverse environments to interact with, you can talk to a cast of unique NPCs who remember how you act and will react depending on how you behave.

The game will have both close combat and ranged options and a story full of moral decisions for you to make. You can watch the ELEX 2 reveal trailer below:

The first game was met with mixed reception upon launch, however, we enjoyed it more than most. You can read our review of the game here.

ELEX 2 is set to release for PS5 and PS4.