Elite Dangerous 1.03 update for PS4 available, patch notes revealed

elite dangerous 1.03 patch notes

The Elite Dangerous 1.03 update is now available to download on PS4.

It’s a small patch at 83.89MB for the space-flight MMO simulator which fixes the tearing issue on PS4 Pro.

The update history on PS4 points players to the official website, and despite there being no dedicated Elite Dangerous patch notes thread due to the relatively small fix, the Frontier Developments community manager took to the forums to explain:

“The only change that was made in this hotfix was the v-sync improvements to fix the screen-tearing issue that some players were experiencing. As this was already discussed and posted about in the top of the, we didn’t think a separate change log was necessary.”

Elite Dangerous is a space trading and combat adventure and the fourth game in the popular Elite series. Released on June 27 on PlayStation 4, the game is so huge that we aren’t quite ready to write up our review, but stay tuned!

Source: Frontier forums