Elveon alive and coming to PS3?

Haven’t heard of the the elvish action-epic Elveon? It would be surprising, with the latest news coming straight from 2006. Additionally, this Unreal Engine 3 powered title was originally scheduled to release only on Xbox 360 and PC, leaving Sony’s console in the dust.

Contrary to popular belief, Elveon hasn’t been canned. You see, 10TACLE’s stock value dropped from nearly 15€ to 2€, causing them to cut 25% of their work force. This staff slimming included 10TACLE Bratislava, the original Elveon development team. As a result, the project’s reins have been handed to Climax, developer of such titles Silent Hill Origins and Viva Piñata for Windows.

On their official site’s homepage, there is an image of Elveon with the header "New 360/PS3 Project." Additionally, there’s a similar image for an unknown game dubbed Exiles, apparently also slated for PS3 and 360. We’ve contacted Climax for an official statement on both of the above, and we’ll let you know what they have to say when they respond. In the mean time, know that you’ll probably be seeing some elvish action on a PS3 near you later this year.