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Embracer Group Strikes Again, With Layoffs At 3D Realms And Slipgate Ironworks

The layoffs from Embracer Group unfortunately keep coming, and this time its 3D Realms and Slipgate Ironworks taking the hit.

According to Duke Nukem creator Scott Miller and original founder of Apogee Software before it became 3D Realms, who had been hearing from his own sources about the layoffs, “A lot of people, including core devs, will be looking for work asap.” when talking about 3D Realms.

Miller tweeted out that news, following it up shortly after with the addition that “More and more sources have told me at least half the company (Slipgate/3DR) is laid off.”

On its own, after the fallout from Embracer Group’s deal with Saudi Arabia’s Savvy Games Group, Embracer Group has laid off over a thousand developers this year, and makes up for a significant chunk of the 9,000+ people effected by layoffs in 2023.

Embracer Group, Slipgate nor 3D Realms have made an official comment about the layoffs, though it could be that a statement is due to be sent out soon.

Embracer Group’s folly with how it intended to grow the company, swallowing up developers and publishers while taking on enormous debt, has had an immeasurable cost on the industry and the developers who are now looking for work.

It’s upsetting to see not just because of those developers who are now without a job, but because the management who made these short-sighted decisions that have cost the company so much more in reputation than money and manpower, have come through unaffected.

Source – [Scott Miller on Twitter]