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Empire Of Sin Update 1.02 Patch Notes Fix Key Issues With The Game


Romero Games has just revealed that Empire of Sin update 1.02 is now live for the game and detailed the patch notes, fixing some key issues which players, including us are having with the game.

Empire Of Sin Update 1.02 Patch Notes

– Fixed issues around UI notifications overlapping other game UI
– Fixed icon issues
– General UI polish
– Radial menu unclickable icon fixed
– Implemented additional tooltips

– Fixed issues around skipping tutorial
– Tutorial polish
– Fixed tutorial disabled buttons that should be active
– Additional tutorial text

– Fixed camera issues
– Improved combat AI
– Polished combat abilities
– Fixed issue with characters spawning off the nav mesh so not engaging
– Combat balance polish
– Throat slit execution fixed
– Fixed pooling blood issue

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– Updated character flags
– Adjusted lighting in sitdowns
– Safehouse interior variants
– Animation polish
– Lip syncing polish
– Improved particles and lighting
– General fixes and polish

– Fixed various VO bugs
– Updated localisation
– Implemented Paradox SDK for telemetry
– Fixed issue with sitdowns timing out
– Fixed issues with selling buildings
– Mission fixes
– Sound effects polish
– General audio polish
– Fixed issue with game saves delaying loading
– Softlocks fixed
– Faction AI polish
– Trophy/Achievement icon issue resolved – Optimisations implemented
– Gameplay balance
– General bug fixing

The Empire of Sin update 1.02 patch notes are as follows from Romero Games

Empire of Sin is available now on PS4.

Source – [Romero Games]