EndWar meets Minority Report

We’re pretty sure if you’ve seen Minority Report, you’ve wanted a sweet computer that lets you control virtual panels to navigate within it like the movie. Well, with Tom Clancy’s EndWar for the PlayStation 3, you’ll almost have it. According to Julian Gerighty, content director for EndWar, the PlayStation 3 version of the game will have an exclusive PS Eye feature that will allow you to control the game much like Tom Cruise controls the computer in the movie.

Due to the stand released with the retail version of Sony’s Eye of Judgement, the PS Eye has the ability to mount properly for all users to simply wave their hands below the camera, enabling you to pan around the battlefield. Though this isn’t set in stone to be a final feature that ships with the game due to the company being expected to deliver "feature parity" across all platforms, Gerighty is hopeful that it will make the final cut.

If this becomes a feature when the game goes gold, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with that information. Until then, we can only hope for them to stick with such a cool feature.