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Epic Has Pulled The Travis Scott Emote From The Fortnite Daily Shop

Epic has removed an emote from the Fortnite daily shop which featured rapper Travis Scott, after his music festival Astroworld in Texas which has the artist facing legal action after eight people lost their lives.

The news comes from website Eurogamer, who reports that the emote “Out West” which also included snippets of licensed music has been removed from the Fortnite shop’s daily section.

Astroworld should have technically ended today, though the festival ended after the events of Friday evening. It’s likely that the emote’s timing on the daily shop was to coincide with the festival ending.

Many fans are already showing their support for the emote’s removal, with many also asking Epic to lock the emote even to existing owners, so that it’s not used distastefully.

Players who already owned the Travis Scott skin at the time of writing can still use it, though it remains to be seen if Epic will take further action than the emote’s removal from the store.

Source – [Eurogamer]