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Epic Mickey Rebrushed Is A Remake Of Warren Spector’s Much-Loved Platformer For PS5, PS4

Warren Spector’s fan favourite Epic Mickey is getting the remake treatment for PS5, PS4, PC, Nintnedo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One in 2024, and is being rebranded as Epic Mickey Rebrushed.

The project is being handled by THQ Nordic and Purple Lamp Studios, and sees players the world’s most famous mouse journey through the Wasteland, where forgotten Disney characters inhabit, while armed with a paintbrush and thinner. Here, you’ll shape your adventure and the fate of the world around you.

Speaking on the remake’s announcement, Spector commented:

I’ve received more heartfelt fan mail from players of all ages about Disney Epic Mickey than any other project I’ve worked on—a true indicator of the timelessness of this game. That my team and I contributed to that legacy is truly an honor and I’m delighted that old fans and new will get to enjoy the adventures of Mickey and Oswald in Wasteland once again.

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Epic Mickey was originally released for the Nintendo Wii in 2010 and was developed by Junction Point Studios.