European PSN updates for November 29th

Another week another EU PlayStation Store Update. However this weeks update is rather disappointing. With only a couple content add-on packs, a few trailers, and a Timeshift demo; we can only hope that Sony can return next week and provide something better. Here is the official release list:


    * Destruction Derby PS1 game (£3.49)

    * Kula World PS1 game (£3.49)

    * Timeshift demo (free)

    * Motorstorm "Crazy Samurai and Quick Foot" add-on pack (£1.99)

    * Resistance: Fall of Man "Bracknell/Axbridge" map pack (£2.99)

    * Sonic The Hedgehog add-on packs (six in total; £1.99 each)

    * Uncharted "Making the Game" video (free)

    * Blazing Angels 2 "Racing" trailer (free)

    * PAIN trailer (free)

    * WWE 2008 trailer (free)

    * Assassin’s Creed "Altair was here" trailer (free)

    * Bee Movie movie trailer (free)

    * PS3 "Blu-Ray" advert (free)

    * PS3 "Gaming" advert (free)

    * PS3 "Evolving Entertainment" advert (free)

    * PS3 "Faster Processing" advert (free)

    * PS3 adverts "Making of" documentary (free)


Tune in next week for all your PlayStation Store updates.