Evolution Studios promises weekly Pacific Rift DLC

Stung into action, perhaps, by Criterion’s marathon run of DLC packs for Burnout Paradise, Evolution Studios has announced it intends to give MotorStorm: Pacific Rift players something new (and possibly free) to chow on every week.

That’s according to a post on the U.S. PlayStation Blog by Game Director Nigel Kershaw. "Once we’re all rested it’s back to the development bunker to finish off the DLC we have lined up for you guys in the coming months. We’ve got a pile of stuff waiting in the wings, and, you’ll be glad to know, a lot of it is free.

"We’re going to try and give you something new to play with every week, and we’ve also got some major packs in development that should be on the store after Christmas."

Pacific Rift is the equatorial follow-up to the full-throttle PlayStation 3 launch title. Comprising 16 courses scattered across four element-themed zones, it replicates the original’s chaotic, visceral driving model but throws in water hazards, dense jungle vegetation and deadly lava. There’s splitscreen multiplayer this time too.

The game’s out today in North America, so get a few beers in, put your feet up and burn a little rubber. Europe gets it on November 7.