Evolve turns a lovely shade of gold

Turtle Rock Studios has announced that its upcoming co-op monster shooter, Evolve, has officially gone gold ahead of its launch next month.

The game was originally slated to appear in October, but ended up becoming one of 2014’s many casualties and was pushed back to early 2015.

We played it last summer, and came away rather impressed, though, so hopefully the extra time has made it all the more worth the wait.

Elsewhere, Turtle Rock confirmed that it has also donated a substantial sum of money to the charity, Child’s Play.

"Team members at Turtle Rock pledged to not shave or cut their hair until the game passed certification," said the studio. "For each inch of beard grown by the guys and hair cut by the ladies, we’d donate $50 to Child’s Play charity. The total length? 227.5 hairy inches! That comes out to $11,375 raised for Child’s Play – with the hair itself, if long enough, being donated to Locks of Love. 2K is matching the Turtle Rock Studios contribution, for a total donation of $22,750."

Evolve is due out on February 10 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.