Extend PS4 warranty by two years with PlayStation Protection Plan

The official SCEA solution to an extended system warranty, the PlayStation Protection Plan, is back to cover your PS4 from manufacturer defects for two additional years.

The option is available to PS4 owners on top of the one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty that’s included with your console purchase. While the PlayStation Protection Plan will extend this period for an additional 24 months, you’ll also get 7-days-a-week claim processing and expense-free shipping and processing for qualified claims.

The standard two-year extension is $49.99, while $59.99 will net you all the above plus accidental damage protection. Of note: the former price is $10 more than the same plan for PS Vita, but the latter is $10 less than PS Vita’s accidental damage option, which costs $69.99.

Is Sony’s extended warranty solution a worthwhile purchase? Why do you think accidental damage protection for PS4 costs more than for PS Vita? Getting the PlayStation Protection Plan for your next0gen console? Join the conversation in the comments section below.