Extended Alien Isolation TV advert creeps out of the shadows

Sega has released the extended cut of its T.V. advert for the Sci-Fi/Horror title Alien Isolation.

The U.S. aired commercial summarises the game’s story via a terrified voiceover from the main protagonist Amanda Ripley (daughter of Alien series icon Ellen Ripley). Her narration overlays footage of both the titular Alien itself, and the carnage it causes along the way on board the Sevastopol space station where Amanda has found herself stranded in the search for information about her missing mother.

It was also recently revealed that Isolation will have a Survivor Mode that sets specific challenge scenarios for players to beat, a mode that will be expanded upon with several post-launch DLC packs.

Alien Isolation will release October 7 on both PS3 and PS4.

PSU went hands-on with Alien Isolation at E3 earlier this year.