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Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Mobile Scam And Why Cross Play With PS4 Is A Long Way Off

fall guys mobile scam

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout mobile scam – With Fall Guys being easily one of the most popular new titles of the year, many folks have been wondering if Fall Guys mobile will ever be a thing.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Mobile Scam

We can confirm that yes Fall Guys mobile is indeed in development, but at the current time it is set for a Chinese release only.

What this means unfortunately is that in the vacuum of an official Fall Guys mobile release in the west, a whole heap of Fall Guys mobile scams have started to appear.

Entering fallguysmobile.com redirects users to the main Fall Guys site – which makes sense as no official Fall Guys mobile game has been announced as yet for a western release.

However, entering other versions of that URL, which we won’t put here because we don’t want to send you to a scammer, instead takes players to a Fall Guys mobile scam site.

Fall Guys Mobile PS4 Cross Play

What this also means, is that potential cross play with the PS4 version of Fall Guys will be a long way off too, since Sony and developer Mediatonic will only implement it as and when Fall Guys mobile gets a full and official release in all territories.

Source: The Verge