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Fall Guys Update 1.33 Unleashes Bug Fixes As Season 6 Arrives On PS4

Fall Guys P55

Mediatonic has lifted the wraps off the Fall Guys update 1.33 patch notes, which arrives with the much-anticipated Season 6. This isn’t everything that’s being added with the update, but it’s still worth checking out.

Read up on the latest Fall Guys patch notes below.

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  • Roll Off is BACK! Fixed players’ jumps failing after ‘tripping’ over platform edges
  • Fixed spectator mode not automatically panning to Party Members
  • Fixed players being momentarily pulled back on the Fruit Chute conveyor belt (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Fixed Flippers not flipping multiple players on levels such as Tundra Run and Short Circuit (I find this very exciting)
  • Fixed controllers not vibrating during the countdown (!!!!!)
  • Fixed Round Over banner’s missing SFX
  • Fixed Crown Rank appearing blank for players in the Main Menu after winning a game
  • Fixed Main Show loading players into uneven Team Games
  • Fixed audio not changing upon player entering a gravity zone
  • Fixed VFX not appearing after scoring a point in Basketfall
  • Fixed the ‘Ready’ and ‘Not Ready’ colours being inverted for players in a Party
  • Fixed Squad mates not being highlighted pink in the Fall Feed for some players
  • Fixed the Default Nameplate displaying on players profiles in the Customiser instead of their selected Nameplate
  • Fixed the Season Progress bar appearing above gameplay occasionally for players
  • Fixed issue where players could ‘play dead’ during tail tag to avoid being grabbed