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Fallout 4 Upgrade Plagued By Bugs On PS5, PC & Xbox Series X/S

The Fallout 4 PS5 upgrade is now available, but isn’t without its problems. Early adopters have noted that the upgrade, which also arrived on PC and Xbox Series X/S yesterday, has more than a number of bugs dragging things down.

For staters, the Steam version of Fallout 4 seems to be suffering from the majority of technical of hiccups, while the Xbox version has found players unable to access the Quality Mode, which means playing in 4K resolution is not available.

Thomas Morgan of Digital Foundry highlighted this particular issue in a Twitter post, stating, “I can confirm that only the 60 frames per second performance Mode works right now. The update has a bug.”

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Meanwhile, Steam users have highlighted various issues with the game, with one review by suer Piglet reading as follows:

Many of the bugs that existed and were promised to be fixed are actually still in the game after the patch,. Finally updated the game and didn’t fix a single issue. But now the mods I used to fix it don’t work.

Elsewhere, one of the bugs appears to make Fallout 4 unplayable on Steam Deck for some users. Reddit user prune backwards commented that the post-apocalyptic RPG can’t be launched on the handheld device, which many other users sharing similar issues.

As previously reported, the Fallout 4 PS5 upgrade featured a bug that saw those who own the digital or PS Plus Extra version of the game unable to claim the update without paying for it, when it should be free for existing owners. Fortunately, there is a way around this as detailed here.

Fallout 4 is now available for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S.

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