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Fallout 76 2022 Roadmap Detailed, Kicks Off With Invaders From Beyond In Spring

Bethesda has lifted the covers off the Fallout 76 2022 roadmap, which will see a slew of fresh content arriving throughout the year beginning with Invaders From Beyond in Spring.

This new seasonal event will see players encountering UFO and aliens, and it’s up to you to destroy their Brainwave Siphons and vanquish the extraterrestrial threat. The update also adds multiple changes and improvements to Fallout Worlds, such as the ability to earn S.C.O.R.E. via daily and weekly challenges, plus new settings for C.A.M.P. buildings, PvP settings, disabling VATS, and Legendary Perks.

Summer 2022 will see the release of the Test Your Metal update, which adds three public events: Test Your Metal, Eviction Notice, and Moonshine Jamboree. Meanwhile, Fall 2022 will roll out Expeditions: the Pitt, giving you a whole new way to experience Fallout 76. Here, you’ll venture outside of Appalachia for the first time, where you’ll take on new missions, brush shoulders with new NPCs (complete with new quests and dialogue trees), and encounter Fallout 3’s Trogs.

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Finally, Winter 2022 will allow players to experience new Public Events as well as a new Region Boss Public event. Here, you’ll earn loot, explore the grounds, and chat with new NPCs about the Nuka-World on Tour travelling roadshow.