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Fallout 76 Review

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It’s no secret that Fallout 76 has had a lot of controversy surrounding it. Most of which is stemming from hardcore fans wanting a traditional Fallout experience. After spending more then sixty hours with the final release and many many more with the beta, I can say, much like I did back in October when I had a chance to preview the title, that Fallout 76 is still my favorite Fallout title.

Those upset that the game doesn’t have a traditional story are justified in their disappointment. However, Fallout 76 does have a story, and it’s told through holotapes as you follow an Overseer who has been living in the wasteland long before the peaceful residence of Vault 76 emerged.

Welcome to a beautiful wasteland

Fallout 76 fire breathers exam answers
Team up with your friends to explore a gorgeous and different type of wasteland

















It’s a bit disappointing that Fallout 76 doesn’t feature NPCs to dish out quests, but I found myself enjoying this type of story-telling much more. It makes me feel like I’m in an actual post-human world that hasn’t been completely decimated by bombs, where people haven’t yet repopulated West Virginia. I felt more like I was listening to the remnants of those people who survived the fallout but couldn’t tell me their stories themselves.

A lot of these holotapes tell a tragic story of their owners and what they had to go through up until their final breaths. Listening to the holotapes and then going to the locations described in them, you see just what happened to the many who lived through the fallout.

West Virginia is a gorgeous place to explore. The fall setting really distinguishes it from past Fallout titles. The open wilderness is a breath of fresh air from the ruined cityscapes of past titles. That’s not to say their aren’t towns or cityscapes in Fallout 76. It just feels more peaceful to explore the open landscape than a city ones.

There are some visual problems that occur. Textures can be muddy and sometimes take way too long to properly load. The lighting can also be a big problem where a lot of locations are incredibly dark, even during the day, forcing me to turn on my Pip-Boy flashlight, which illuminates everything in an ugly green hue.

Blinded by the light

West Virginia is beautiful to explore but sometimes the lighting can just be a little too bright.















The worse offense with lighting comes during sunset. Sunsets are blinding to the point where visibility is almost zero. It’s like driving home during sunset after a snowstorm and the Sun is combined with the reflective blind light of the snow blasting directly into your corneas, resulting in you driving off a cliff because you can’t see where you’re going.

When it comes to missions, there are plenty of them. There wasn’t a time in the game where I didn’t have some place I had to go to complete a mission. There’s a mission in almost every new location I discovered. Because there aren’t any NPCs, quests are received from letters you read, radio transmissions, items found on dead bodies, and holotapes.

There was never a time where I didn’t have a mission to do. In fact, I had too many missions to do and sometimes it felt overwhelming. One thing that’s important to note, and I found this out the hard way, is how missions are tracked when you’re in a group. If you join a group where someone else is the leader, you will see their quests displayed with their name in front of it.

Fallout 76 has plenty to do in its wasteland

Fallout 76 atom shop items prices
There are plenty of quest in Fallout 76 and completing them with your friends is a blast. Just make sure you pay attention to the details.
















If you have the same mission as your group leader, you yourself won’t get credit for completing the mission. Instead, you get rewards for completing the mission with your group leader.

When you leave a group that same mission will still be incomplete on your mission list. This means you can work as a team and complete the same mission twice and reap the rewards.

It’s a weird mission structure and also kind of annoying. Even though you get the experience points and caps for competing those missions with a group, you won’t get the item and weapon rewards that the group leader will get.

Fallout 76 is a different beast when it comes to how it plays and those looking to play this game just like Fallout 4 may be disappointed. Sure, most of the functions remain intact, but for the most part Fallout 76 plays more like a shooter now rather than the traditional slower-paced RPG shooting we are used to.

I quickly discovered that the game functions a little better and a lot faster than in previous titles. Shooting feels a lot smoother then it did before. That is until you get frame rate drops, but more on that later. The V.A.T.S. system remains in Fallout 76 but works more like an auto-assist here. I found myself using V.A.T.S. more than I thought I would. In light of this, V.A.T.S. is a great system to use when you are up against smaller and faster foes.

Inventory management is a massive chore

fallout 76
Inventory management is a chore and forces you to spend more time figuring out how much you can carry then it needs.

The biggest problem with Fallout 76 is inventory management. The longer I played, the more it started to feel like an inventory management game. Constantly having to worry about food and water is a chore. I felt like every half hour I had to consume half of my water supply just to keep going.

Weight is another big issue with Fallout 76. Of all the bugs and glitches the game has, seeing a message telling you that you’re over-encumbered is the most infuriating thing I’ve experienced in Fallout 76. Constantly having to watch what I carry and how much it weighs is a pain in the ass.

It really kills the idea of grabbing everything you find to scrap it for crafting materials since you constantly have to keep space for important things like armor and food and water.

Crafting plays a bigger role in Fallout 76 than it did in Fallout 4. Scrapping everything you find nets you all the materials you need to repair your gear and craft new new gear. Crafting new gear and weapons requires you to find blueprints, or you can buy them from the various robot vendors throughout West Virginia.

If you build it…….they’ll try and destroy it

Building a little C.A.M.P. is fun and helps when you need to quickly access or workbench

The C.A.M.P. is also your mobile camp site and base if you chose to make it so. The C.A.M.P. is used to set up a safe haven for you and your teammates. You can build crafting stations and storage boxes at your camp. You can also craft furniture and build your own little base of operations with decorations and life-saving equipment like water purifiers to get clean water and gun turrets to protect your base.

The problem with building an entire base is that when you exit a server or join another server, your base will disappear. The good news is you don’t have to rebuild the entire thing. You can in fact make a blueprint of it and lay it down elsewhere just from the blueprint.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L Cards are Fallout 76’s way of customizing your character’s stats.

The perk system is a little different here as well. You unlock perks by leveling up and choosing which one of the attributes you wish to put points into and what perk to unlock. You will also gain Perk Packs that you open like a loot box which will contain random perks you can equip. You can even combine two of the same perk cards to get a boost to a specific perk.

The problem with this system is you don’t always get the perks you want. If you want to level up your lockpicking skills, you have to hope to unlock that skill from the Perk Pack, because it doesn’t come naturally as you level up.

Fallout has always been a single player experience, but with the inclusion of mulitplayer, Fallout 76 drastically changes the the landscape. The title is always online, and you will constantly see other players running around the wasteland. Interacting with them is easy through emotes and open voice channels, and you can also trade with them and join their groups.

Fallout 76
PVP doesn’t really have much benefits and most people throughout my playthough didn’t really participate in it.

PVP is where things get really rough. As I mentioned in the preview of Fallout 76. You can not turn PVP off. If someone wants to kill you they can. It’s going to take a lot of ammo to do so and you have to be above level five. PVP really only starts when two players attack each other. A message will display, telling you who you initiated PVP against and you can either go at each other’s throats or walk away while they slowly pick away at your health.

The thing about PVP is that it doesn’t really have many benefits. There is little benefit outside of simply doing it. If you do manage to kill your opponent, they don’t lose anything important. The only thing they lose is their junk that you can pick up. There really is no benefit to killing other players.

If you’ve played a Bethesda game, you know what to expect when it comes to launch week performance. There are plenty of issues, but none of them are really game breaking. Screen tearing, incredibly bad frame rate drops, and enemies magically spawning in front of you are just some examples of the problems you’ll run into.

There are plenty of technical problems, but all them can be fixed. Much like their past titles, these problems were always present, and it’s no different here. Do they get annoying? Absolutely, but it’s not to the point where the game becomes unplayable. Give it a few months of polish, and Fallout 76 will probably become a must-buy.

Fallout 76 is a blast to play with your friends and a fun somber experience on your own. It’s a refreshing take on a franchise that is beloved by many. Is Fallout 76 for everyone? Probably not, but it’s the most fun I’ve ever had playing a Fallout game. And yes, I’ve played them all. It’s got its problems, but hopefully those issues will be resolved quickly.

Fallout 76 is a long term project for Bethesda and it can only get better from here.



The Final Word

Fallout 76 is a blast to play. It's easily my favorite Fallout title to date. Fallout 76 has it's fair share of problems but they don't make the game unplayable. Fallout 76 isn't for everyone but for those who stick with it will definitely find what it has to offer.


    “It’s easily my favorite Fallout title to date”

    First Fallout, uh?

    • Buli Dowan


  • Buli Dowan

    Easily your best Fallout, and yet you give it a 7/10? Bruh, c’mon, have some self respect.

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      Lol.. that post is spam for sure. But still better then all the other comments under this review.

      • Abraxas

        yeah, do tell us how bug infested empty game is somehow a masterpiece, damage control unit

        • Tharny

          You people are angry at games,lol. Its just plain silly. Did you even play it?

  • Maybe when they have private servers I’ll give it a go, but not until I can choose the people who I play with.

  • Krakn3dfx

    Threw in “easily” just to push it home.


    – the C.A.M.P. system is a gimped version of the Fallout 4 base building system, masked by the fact that you can build anywhere, but in the process making building way more tedious and confined

    – the Perk system is mostly based on luck, in previous Fallout games, you were able to mold your character based on the same stats, here you’re basically cracking open baseball card packs and hoping for the best. That’s not fun, and it’s frustrating when you’re a solo player trying to spec your character the way you’d like

    – I can’t imagine any world where the quest system in FO76 is better than any Fallout title that came before it. In an industry where player choice has largely become a requirement in RPGs and even narrative driven experiences, Bethesda chose to hand out static objectives where you run to a location, pick up a holotape, listen to someone talk, shoot a few enemies, only to be told to run to yet another location to pick up another holotape, sometimes over half a dozen times.

    This is in my mind literally the worst Fallout experience to date, because it strips everything that makes exploring and engaging with the Fallout universe worthwhile. It’s essentially a walking simulator with trash and guns to pick up, and occasionally some douche bag with a machete will run over and start hacking on you unprompted just because they should be playing PUBG instead but spent $60 on this game.

  • crimson immaterial

    “It’s easily my favorite Fallout title to date”
    Stopped reading here.

    • crass

      I agree with you , but that was at the bottom. you can’t read a conclusion without out the analysis.

      • crimson immaterial

        Go f**ck yourself. Firstly, the article has been edited. Secondly, I’ve read and seen many of the reviews and even the briefest comparison shows that this article has no real wisdom to share. Thirdly, there is nothing wrong with reading the TLDR summaries of articles, you sanctimonious prick. You might have the time since you are likely a NEET but others got real life commitments and schedules.

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            Why don’t you go and invent the Wheel for your people? i am sure the imbeciles would benefit greatly from it.

  • VTzbbbuDi

    “It’s easily my favorite Fallout title to date”
    I guess the only Fallout games you’ve played is Fallout Shelter and Fallout 76

    • Pinng

      Shelter is much better than 76, just saying

  • Jarvis Cool

    ”Fallout 76 is a blast to play. It’s easily my favorite Fallout title to date.”
    I pity the fool who has no taste in games and gets paid for writing this garbage.

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  • Larry Wright

    Screen tearing and incredibly bad frame rate drops on day 1. Give them a few months to polish this turd and it’ll be a must buy. This article is as fucking stupid as the game. All the shit wrong with this pos and you give it a 7. I don’t know what’s worse, your bending over for Bethesda or the fact you give them a pass for spoon feeding you shit. This review is an absolute travesty to all PS fans. I’m sorry I even bothered to read it!

  • Mariana Acosta

    You see, the problem with accepting this level of “polishing” on a AAA (60 uss) title is that you’re telling the developer that is ok to launch an alpha/beta-state game and charge for a finished product, and then expect the community to fix it via mods, which was always the case with Bethesda games. This should never be the norm and until we start condemning this by pointing them out and not buying their games, they will keep on taking us as fools.

  • crass

    Garri Bagdasarov ” Fallout 76 is a blast to play. It’s easily my favorite Fallout title to date”
    We have a word for this Garri, it called ‘presstitute’ and that is exactly what you are. even the dogs on the street can see this. What do you think people will think when they read your next article? oh him again, will not believe a word of it.

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      don’t blame him , this is his only way to get attention.

  • EXOXx

    “Fallout 76 is a blast to play”. Gosh….Garri must had set his gaming standards to the lowest as possible.

    • Tharny

      Belive me. It is a blast to play.

      My guess is that an incredible small percent of the commenters on this review have even played it.

      • Abraxas

        sure it is /s

      • EXOXx

        So you like poor servers and crashes on day 1? No story quest just holotapes and waves of enemies that keep popping up? Yea, a blast to play I see there.

        • Tharny

          Have not experienced any crashes or disconnects at all. And i actually like the storytelling in F76 and find it interesting.

          Waves of enemy that keeps popping up? Dont think i understand the issue here. Are you talking about respawns?

          Some places i have cleared out for enemies the enemies will respawn after a while, but you really have to stay there for a long time to experience this. Usually its kinda bothersome coming to a place another just cleaned as i have to wait for respawn. Also very rare that happens du to the really large map.

  • banksst

    Very mixed on this game, oddly even with a metascore of 46 im inevitably gonna buy this game because i dont like to belive such a massive game will be bad but definately waiting for a sale first

    • themugen

      Believe it. It is bad.

    • Muh Silmarils

      boy any game can be a car crash, it doesn’t matter how much money you throw at a game if its got no passion behind it, and this thing is fucking soulless

    • Al Buns

      You don’t believe a massive game can be this bad? RDR2 is a huge disappointment, mediocre and overrated after playing 30hrs of the game myself. The media just got it right with FO76.

      • banksst

        Complaining about RDR2 competely makes your opinion unnoteworthy

  • Thanatos

    A 7/10 game is your favorite Fallout game? What the…..

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      It’s pure clickbait for ad cash. This website is garbage, and I wish there was a way to tell adblock to “always keep this site’s ads blocked” so I don’t accidentally forget how garbage it is.

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        just click the adblock extension button

    • Elli

      I believe the guy. Fallout 3 was my all time fallout game and I only give it an 8. The bugs in that game is horrendous, not as bad as new vegas though.

      • Thanatos

        Did you play the indisputably good ones? You know…..the first two?

        • Elli

          Nope. Only play the bethesda ones.

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    How to spot click-bait sites: This.

  • All article in short: “I eat shit and proud of it”

  • Branden_Lucero

    most here didn’t even fuckin’ play the game – they’re opinion on it irrelevant.

    • It isn’t necessary when you see a crap, to try it, to understand that it was really a crap all the time.

    • Monte Raid

      how did you know that , or because they don’t agree with your opinion ?

      • Cuttlefist

        That’s been the go-to for people who want to believe that this is better than it is. Clearly Branden isn’t wrong for being in the minority, it’s just that the thousands of people pissed about this haven’t even played it. Sure, that’s it.

        • Zamurai

          Which is irrelevant. People are pissed because what Bethesda is doing is bad for the industry, not just for Bethesda fans. Bethesda also has a record of making unpolished games, and this was just an extreme case of it. So the more people agry about it the better.

    • Mali

      Played it. Regretted it.

      This game is crap. I am a programmer and the way network was implemented in Fallout 76 is atrocious. I have no idea why it was done so badly. I can only guess that it was done by someone from marketing after 5 minutes search in google. And the rest of the game is following suit. Everything from the visuals (bad rendering, bad textures, bad lightning) to game design (PvP is pointless, PvE is bad – cooperation is meaningless), to features (building from scrapped junk, but limited carry cap) to combat design (monsters have no interesting moves), to quest design (fetch quests all the way)…

      BTW: “they’re” is not the same as “their” and I am not from English speaking country 😉

    • Zamurai

      I don’t see you eating shit to know if it taste bad ma’dude

  • Monte Raid

    oh Garii when you cant even respond to the comments!!!

  • I guess Bethesda has a hefty “communication & advertising” budget.

    “It’s easily my favorite Fallout title to date”

    Wait, no. You’re not even paid by Beth are you?… You’re just as dumb as a cinderblock

    • cyllan

      the “communication & advertising” budget is much bigger than the programming budget

  • Cuttlefist

    Jesus Facking Christ, “Favorite Fallout Title to date” happens to be this steaming turd? Too much quality and polish in the previous titles? This game is a soulless husk that even a die-hard Fallout player like myself can’t sink more than 10 hours into without losing all interest. The lame repetitive fetch quests, the shitty horse rushes where you can see enemies spawning right in front of you, the awful perk system that is clearly an awful effort to monetize the game, the boring holotapes that are supposed to be a substitute for NPCs, leaving this world with no interesting characters or stories to tell?

    I get that different people enjoy different things, but you even rate this at a 7 but claim it is the best for you in a series that has actually had finished games released before, not this rushed beta that we are paying to QA for bethesda’s lazy asses. This shill can shove it.

    • cyllan

      1 —- he hasnt played any fallout games
      2—– he doesnt know anything about tech/software or games he doesnt know what obsidian did with fallout NV….

      3—- he is probably more interested in social justice than games
      4—- he wants to get promoted….


  • Magdem

    I wanna defend the author here. If it’s their favorite Fallout game to date, ok. I don’t diss people for their personal taste. – But at least the final score should be more objective. I mean, 7/10 for a game that’s barely playable? I feel genuinely sorry for Bethesda for having to release a game in this state. I mean, not even skyrim was this bad at its rushed 11.11.11 release.

    • cyllan

      i dont …i dont defend stupidity/corruption or both

      it looks / plays worst than fallout 4 …….and it is 80% the same game but without contents……and was already rubbish 3 years ago

    • Zamurai

      sorry but fuck off.. it’s a review. Reviewer need to be a little more objective and they gotta look at the games they “like” (I really think that’s bullshit on hes part) knowing that they may be shit. You can love a game and know it is shit. Also, I don’t feel sorry for Bethesda. They deserve the bad press and the criticism. They fucked up and they need to make an apology… A real one, not the shitty one they put out, owning the responsability for all of this shit.

  • Love Chaos

    how much did they pay you for that review

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    Good job, Garri. Looks like you tanked Playstation Universe’s credibility in your quest to get easy clicks.

  • William R.

    This review is so questionable…like, if it’s easily your “favorite game”, why would you give it a 7 then? Most people would probably rate it higher than that. Also, have you even played the previous games? Because logically, the true best fallout game to date was obviously FO:NV. Besides, we all thought that FO4 was the worst fallout game to date, but after this game, looks like FO4 is going to lose that title.

    • Rich


      The only way to score this a 7 when “it’s easily my favorite Fallout” is if the reviewer thought ALL other Fallouts were average or worse. I mean, they don’t even say it’s close; it’s ‘easily’ the reviewers favourite. That strongly implies a gap of at least two pints, probably more.

      So Fallout NV, for example, was a 4 or 5 out of ten? Not sure how much use a review by a critic with such tastes is gonna be to the average Fallout fan. Maybe it’s useful to people who don’t like Fallout games and only focus on MMOs? However, those people probably have better games to be getting on with judging by this games overall reception.

      • Thanatos

        And that also means he’s suggesting Fallout 1 and 2 are less than 7/10 games? I mean what the hell?

    • Al Buns

      This is why reveiws are irrelevant.

      • William R.

        Same thing with users reviews.

        I liked the game, so therefore it’s a masterpiece. I hate the game, so therefore is the worst thing ever created. That’s why I prefer actual concrete reviews that aren’t either overly negative nor overly positive, that actually acknowledge the flaws in a more in-depth pespective instead of looking at something and saying “I don’t like that but I like this”.

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    This review was brought to you by Bethesda.
    Enjoy /s

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    J’adore ce jeu !!

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  • cyllan

    we copy pasted everything from fallout 4 …even the bugs
    we did the game in less than 6 moths….no tests nothing…no npcs no story
    we are only doing mods via microtransactions on the creators club…..we will pay max $1k to the modders and we will keep 100% of the revenue for ourselves and own the mods forever….
    no more nexus mods….we are going to be bigger and more profitable than EA
    check is on it’s way…more to come soon….


  • Roy Wilson

    Paid review

  • Atlas Nikostolpidis

    “It’s easily my favorite Fallout title to date.” So you basically never played any other Fallout games then, or would you give New Vegas, Fallout 3 a 6/10? What a SHILL! Boy you need another job, preferably working in McDonalds or picking up trash! We don’t need no paid reviews around here!

  • ThTom

    “..It’s easily my favorite Fallout title to date.” So, you’ve played Fallout 3, New Vegas, Fallout 4 (forget 1&2 since they where pc only) and you have the audacity to tell us that 76 is your favorite? Can you elaborate on this?

    • cyllan

      sorry Tom the check wasnt that big to elaborate anything…..Todd said that and we dont think for ourselves

  • Chille

    it is also my favourite fallout

    • cyllan

      op familly member….

  • Mali

    This is hilariously tragic review.

    Do you even have a spine? Did Bethesda creamed you with honey or what?

    In your own word you are complaining about missions, while not mentioning the worst part, the lack of interesting quests. It is all about fetch me this, kill that…
    You also mention that the PvP is really bad. So cooperative is pointless (doing the same missions mutliple times), PvP is pointless (no reward, no motivation, bad system) that means whole multiplayer aspect of F076 is crap.

    And worst of all, you have the audacity to tell your viewers that the bugs and technical state of engine will be gone? Is there any indication that Bethesda actually fixes any bugs? There are bugs that were reported for Oblivion plaguing Fallout 76. In previous titles mod community fixed a lot of problems, Bethesda was only ever interested in money grab. Once you buy, you are on your own (or on nexusmods).

    And you acknowledge all of this. By your own admission: “Give it a few months of polish”. Did it ever occurred to you that you are not reviewing ALPHA? You are reviewing 60$ game released two weeks ago.

    Honestly, crap reviewers like you are responsible for this state. You must be paid by Bethesda, there is no way you would give rating that high otherwise.

  • cyllan


  • cyllan

    i have seen a log of bugs/broken features online… was 20 pages long

    this is a half made alpha, which will never be fixed…..

    and even if they fixed the bugs..( when has bethesha solved all the bugs? )

    the game is empty of soul and content

    it is worth zero dollars

  • Zamurai

    how stupid can you be to make a review like this? are you shitting me? do you have a dick to suck? the best Fallout? this fuckig mess of a “game” with nothing in it? how blind do you have to be… I mean, why do this guy even review games?