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Fallout 76 Player Breaks Embargo And Now Can’t Play Bethesda’s RPG At Launch

Fallout 76

We’re no strangers to NDAs and embargoes. You break them and as a company you can end up in a lot of hot water! However, we have sometimes wondered what happens to a player who breaks in an embargo? Now we know.

A Fallout 76 player taking part in last week’s stress test on Xbox One thought it was a good idea to post footage online. Despite agreeing to the terms of an NDA prohibiting footage being hosted online, one guy posted a 90-second clip on his Twitter account.

Bethesda and Xbox joined forces to identify the player and swiftly tracked him down. He then had his Twitter account banned and has had his Xbox Gold, Game Pass and Xbox Insider accounts banned until the New Year.

That means, he definitely won’t be playing Fallout 76 at launch on October 23. Tut, tut! Some good news for the offender though, he’s apparently had his Twitter account re-instated, so at least he can join in with the Fallout 76 social chat next weekend.

So, folks you have been warned. Make sure you read those NDAs, and stick to them!

Source: Forbes


    What a POS! He was given the privilege of playing early and he risked ruining it for everyone just to get a few views. Seems like Bethesda was going to go easy on him, which just makes it worse that he betrayed their trust, so i’m really glad XB is bending him over for the next month and a half. I hope the little rat bought his game digital lol. Make him buy another copy along with the payment he will have to make to play online with another account until January. Whoever reported him, you are a crime fighting hero!

    • Al Buns

      Its not that serious. Bethesda is trash for holding the Beta hostage behind preorders anyway and it is not even on steam and PS4 owners have to wait. Bethesda is garbage and the person should have just had access to the Beta taken.

      • Honomaru

        I agree and disagree with you both.

        You are overreacting. You act like the guy robbed a bank and killed people on his way out. Relax. Jesus lol

        Bethesda is not “trash” for encouraging preorders for beta access. How campanies run their businesses is up to them just like it’s up to you to decide whether or not to buy in. Simple as that. The person’s punishment seems pretty fair to me. Not over the top but also not just a slap on the wrist. The Twitter thing is a little weird to me considering I don’t think he broke any policies on that platform but w/e. The person signed a non-disclosure to take part in the beta. And he broke contract and got punished for it. It is what it is.


          Yea I was exaggerating. Fuck thar guy though. Really shitty thing to do.


        Well Bethesda wasnt even going to take his access to the beta. They are awesome and were gona let him in the beta a couple days late. XB are the ones making sure he gets a spanking.

        Bethesda is awesome. You are just over entitled. The beta grants rhe full game access with full on progression retention for launch. There is no reason that should be free, none.

      • Chille

        To be fair the beta is the entire game, sooo

  • Al Buns

    Yet these Xbots think M$ is their friend. Not saying M$ is wrong for this but these Xbots don’t understand that they will put business first.