Fallout Pip-Boy Deluxe Edition revealed; only 5000 being made, costs $350

Following the success of the Fallout Pip-Boy, which flew off the shelves on its release last year, Bethesda has announced a new and improved version.

The Fallout Pip-Boy Deluxe Edition has an integrated screen and connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Unlike last year’s model, it allows you to read text messages, take calls and listen to music. You’ll also be able to view Fallout data, including your Status, Perks and Special screens from in-game.

Dedicated Vault Dwellers can check out the video below to see the new Pip-Boy in action.


Due for release in November, the Fallout Pip-Boy Deluxe Edition will cost $350, and can only be brought in the U.S. and Canada.