Far Cry 2 dated for Europe

Ubisoft announced today that its highly anticipated FPS Far Cry 2 will be released in European territories on October 24.

In addition, the publisher also detailed the contents of the forthcoming Collector’s Edition release, which can be seen below.

Far Cry 2: Collector’s Edition:

– Exclusive wooden box
– Original Far Cry® 2 Game
– Limited edition Far Cry® 2 t-shirt
– “The Art of Far Cry® 2” Art book
– Collector 50km² map
– Making-of DVD

EMEA Marketing Director, John Parkes, commented: “Far Cry® 2 is an amazing journey that will take you to the darkest places of Africa where each player will choose how they play. This will provide gamers with an unprecedented experience in the FPS genre”.

Far Cry 2 offers players an entirely non-linear, open-ended experience with gamers able to navigate a sprawling, 50 square km landmass in Africa, featuring terrain from savanna to the jungle.

The game replaces Jack Carver from the original Far Cry with an entirely new protagonist, and implements a dynamic weather system, with weather conditions changing depending on how the player is performing at the time.