Far Cry 2 details surface

Far Cry 2 was announced earlier this year in an unveiling that offered fans little in the way of information on the in-development sequel. Don’t worry though, as Ubisoft has finally acknowledged the error of their ways and has given us a handful of new details in regards to the upcoming title.

The company has gone on record saying that this latest instalment will not be following the same procedures that Far Cry the original or Cryteks other shooter, Crysis has followed. According to them, the game will be a grimy realistic experience deep within the madness of our minds. Don’t expect any absurd monsters throughout this title – you’ll only be confronted by the true monsters of the world, humans.

Far Cry 2 will have a unique feature that will allow you to level your character throughout the game in order to cure the case of malaria you’ve started out with. That’s pretty much expected considering you’re in an African playground. Throughout your journey, you’ll come across medicine that supposedly cures you and makes you less susceptible to damage and injury alike.

Not only is Ubisoft bringing this game in a different direction, but also they’re giving it a new look as well with their new engine, Dunia. Dunia is the word Swahili’s use for “World”. They also plan to use this engine for future endeavours as well. According to developers, the engine is capable of creating an immersive environment that will pull you into the game itself.

"I want the player to feel the grime under his fingernails, the sweat, smell the gun oil”, commented Far Cry 2 Creative Director, Clint Hocking. "I wanted to create the guns jamming, the dust – the world isn’t this clean, sterile, digital representation of Africa".

Another new implementation is the way they handled the injury scenario. Sometimes when you’re badly injured, you’ll be forced to perform minor surgery on yourself, such as removing a bullet or maybe even stitching yourself up. However, this will also leave you vulnerable to attack, so being shot while down, will inevitably kill you. They’ve let on that this system will not be overbearing and it won’t get frustrating after awhile, but it will be a part of the game.

Overall it sounds like Ubisoft has a lot in store for the title in comparison to the original. All of these new features could bode well for fans of the game and could definitely give us new experiences as well. We’ll let you know if anything else arises in regards to this title.

Source: CVG