Far Cry 2 to feature smoother graphics on PS3?

Utilizing a new game engine entitled "Dunia," Far Cry 2 features some of the most impressive console graphics seen to date, showcasing such technological highlights as global illumination, dynamic weather systems, and realistic growing vegetation Furthermore, according to a recent preview by Gamespot, the PlayStation 3 is able to outperform its rival, Xbox 360, when running anti-aliasing.

"The developer says that the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC versions have been developed from the same core build, so they’ll all share the same features," wrote Gamespot’s Guy Crocker. "While we didn’t see the PS3 version, it’s claimed that the aliasing on Sony’s machine outperforms that of the 360, while on the PC it’s all dependent on the specifications of your machine."

Of course, this could all change before the game’s release, as the title is still in development stages. However, if Ubisoft Montreal can unlock and utilize the power of the Cell processor, there is no doubt that they can provide better anti-aliasing and smoother graphics for Sony’s flagship gaming platform.

Far Cry 2 is set to release sometime this Fall. Stay tuned for more information as it breaks.