Far Cry 2 to receive "hardcore" patch

Remember Far Cry 2? You know, that excellent game that had absolutely nothing to do with the first Far Cry? Well, it’s receiving a free hardcore setting to satisfy expert players. Atmon, a Community Developer on the Far Cry forums, gave us some insight into this new feature.

"The hardcore mode has been designed as an answer to a community request," wrote the developer. "When designing the multiplayer game our team wanted to provide a balanced experience for most gamers. However some players were seeking and expecting a more realistic experience."

The upcoming addition of a “hardcore” setting, available in every game mode, will have various effects:

* A new damage model will be applied with increased damage for all weapons.
* All weapons have been rebalanced on normal mode, and on hardcore mode.
* Enemy names will disappear after the spawning invincibility period is over (A shield is displayed above a player’s head for a few seconds to show that he is invincible).
* A new option will allow you to tweak spawning time (but not spawning rate).
* A new search option will be available in multiplayer to allow you to find hardcore games.

The hardcore patch has not yet been dated.