Far Cry 4 PlayStation exclusive ‘Keys to Kryat’ offer ‘unlimited sessions’

Ubisoft Massive has clarified details about the ‘Keys to Kryat’ feature for Far Cry 4, which is available exclusively to those who purchase the PS3 or PS4 edition of its upcoming shooter.

It’s been previously revealed that players will be given ten keys which can then be distributed to friends who haven’t bought the game, enabling those people to join your game and play co-operatively. What wasn’t known until now was whether the two hour limit was restricted for use in one session.

Speaking with PSU, Far Cry 4 level designer Vincent Ouellette told us that users will be able to break up that session into unlimited sessions.

“You buy the game on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 and you get 10 keys that you can send to your friends,” explained Ouellette. “You can send them on PS3 and PS4. It will let them play the game for two hours. You can divide it up into unlimited sessions. You could play one time an hour, for example, and then break down the next sessions by 20 minutes or whatever.”

The co-op mode for Far Cry was showcased last week in all its glory via a ten minute gameplay video from PlayStation Access.

In the video, you can see how co-op has evolved from previous games in the series, with players now having access in Far Cry 4 to the whole map.

Far Cry 4 is due for release on PS3, PS4 and other platforms on November 18, 2014. Players can expect a host of new vehicles, weapons and a brand new karmic levelling system.

Note – The two hour time-frame is per key.