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Far Cry 5 Arcade Mode And Multiplayer Shows Massive Potential

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Far Cry 5 Arcade is a great addition to Far Cry 5. A feature returning to the franchise allows players to build their own missions and share them for other players to enjoy.

I recently got a chance to go hands-on with Far Cry 5’s campaign and co-op which I thoroughly enjoyed. During my thorough hands-on, I got to try Arcade mode which allowed me to experience a unique player created level and Far Cry 5’s multiplayer.

Far Cry 5 Arcade mode allows players to create their own missions and share them with other players much like Little Big Planet. The mission I got to play had me trying to escape from a weird fun house. Traversing through the environment it was clear that the creation tools have a wide range of options allowing players to create an infinite number of missions.

There wasn’t any action sequences in the mission I played, but it showed off the building tools superbly. I had to transverse upside down rooms, floating clocks, and came across weird goats screaming like humans. It was clearly a mission designed to show off what the Arcade building tools are capable of so the mission wasn’t very intuitive.

The other portion of Arcade is Far Cry 5’s multiplayer. I got to go hands-on in team deathmatch and from what I understood was a player created multiplayer mission. This gives Far Cry 5 a huge advantage over the competition.

The level I got to play took place on a small island with a bunch of cottages where we battled for supremacy. The map consisted of various vantage points to climb up and snipe enemies as well as using verticals with .50 caliber machine guns strapped in the beds of the trucks.

Wild animals are also placed into the affray and can attack anyone that comes around their vicinity. I did notice that the animals themselves don’t really attack all the time. Most of the time they just ran around the environment doing nothing.

For the most part, Far Cry 5 multiplayer plays just like you would expect. Like standard multiplayer you start off by choosing your weapon type and can change it up every time you respawn. The shooting mechanics also felt a lot smoother than they did in the campaign. I’m not sure why but it may have been to the multiplayer using a newer build of the game. My only concern with multiplayer is how it will hold up against titles like PlayerUnknown Battleground and Fortnite.

We were only allowed to play team deathmatch so I can’t confirm what other game modes we can look forward, but if Far Cry 5’s creation tools allow players to make their own multiplayer maps I could be a massive game changer. I wish that I was able to see how the creation tools work so I can see how it all of it will work on consoles and just how user friendly it will be as that will really depend on how many players take advantage of it.

Far Cry 5 Arcade definitely has a lot of potential to allow Far Cry 5 to compete with the best competitive titles out there. It also allows an almost infinite amount of playability if enough people put out quality content with its creation tools. For more on Far Cry 5 stay tuned to PSU.

Far Cry 5 hands-on on event held at a private venue. Travel and accommodation provided by Ubisoft.